Well, girls, let's have a cup of tea, shall we?
So either an aunt or a cousin recently arrived. About thirty years old, with a ponytail. With a decent ponytail. In body. Well plump, soft, even without feeling you can determine. Titty Wo! Jump out of the bra. The ass is only a couple of chairs and can be accommodated. Well, or one and a half. Of course, I exaggerate. But there is some truth. And a very large share. She herself did not come out with a rost, that is, not a fashion model with legs from her ears and grenadier growth. Yes, average. Approximately one meter sixty-five. And it's in heels. Oh, oh, kisses and other rituals of meeting relatives are over. You can go to the feast. We sat. Very little. It was at the dacha, my wife had to go to work in the morning, so she went to bed early, and my new relative and I stayed the little one.
liveartbcs.com/ethiopia/21-01-2022-1. Fuck... I completely forgot about my once beloved sister, that I'm a complete asshole that made her wait so long for me in her arms that the old passion can flare up with renewed vigor. Yes, I'm an asshole...
She has been married for seven years. She met her husband when she was still a very young girl and did not know another man before him. So my experience in sex is not rich. At least until last summer. I had no idea about the male member in general, except for what I knew from my husband. He suited me at the beginning, before the birth of my first child, but then I began to wish for the best. Maybe that's why I became more experienced, and indeed, after the birth of my first daughter, I began to enjoy my husband's cock a little. He seemed very small and thin to me. His presence in the vagina was simply indifferent to me. I didn’t feel such feelings, but I thought that after giving birth I became wider and that everything would go back to normal with time. But alas, everything remained unchanged.
- Here! And you didn’t believe that everything would work out for us, and you just have to wait! And I always knew and believed that you could, that you would give me a child!
I slowly entered her bedroom. She lay under the covers and wept pitifully. Sitting down slowly, I stroked her head and shoulder, saying softly: